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Alberto Del Rio/Rey Mysterio backstage at Raw



Inactive WWE stars Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio were backstage at last night’s Raw SuperShow but were not used. 

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*slytherin wins house cup*

dumbledore: i don't think so

dumbledore: five hundred points to gryffindor for being fabulous

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Am I the only person who was raging at the end of the rumble?

I love Sheamus and all, but damn. I wanted Jericho to win. Badly. But now I read that they’re saying Jericho is Taker’s WM opponent. If he is, not to be rude, I would not want to see that match unless they build it up really well.

i’m in a incredible pissed off mood.

i had someone ask me why i’m so white. i want to fucking cry my eyes out. i’m tired of people fucking antagonizing me for being smart, listening to heavy metal, and being black. if you have a fucking problem with it, don’t bring it to me, deal with it. i’m so fucking tired of the ignorant ass bitches i got to school with. i can’t be myself. i can’t be myself without being called white, the white-black girl, the oreo. i just want to be left alone, okay. that is honestly not asking for much. if i went up to someone and asked them ‘why do you act to black?’ i would have a fucking mob charging at me. the only honest difference between everyone in this world is the pigmentation of their skin. why do we have to have stereotypes? how the fuck are you going to assume who i am? go fuck yourself and die. your argument is invalid as fuck and you don’t have a bit a sense in the words that come out of your mouth. i’m ‘white’ because i say complete sentences and i don’t act like some retarded (not saying this word in an offensive way) fool? someone tell me what amount of fucking sense this is, but i’m sure as hell not finding any. i deal with this type of ignorance every day. i feel eyes on me all the time, as if my legs were my arms. i really can’t confide in anyone. as much as i love my friends, it feels as if they won’t really understand. i can’t fucking understand these people. leave me the fuck alone, i don’t even fucking talk to you. so where the hell did you pop out from? i hate dealing with this every day. no, i’m not suicidal, but i am at the point where i just want to kick someone’s ass.